So this is Me and this is how I do.

I came across the planner world a little over a year ago. My personal Instagram started branching out, following calligraphy uses, which led me to fountain pen uses, which opened the flood gates to the creative world of planning. 

Sales were starting for the new year (2015) and Kikki K had their planners on sale. The gold caught my eye of course. I tried it out for a while but I didn’t understand why mine never looked like the ones on IG. Never pretty or colourful, mine was simply filled with information. And not a lot at that. I would pull it out from time to time and stroke it lovingly and start to follow more and more people on IG but still my planning felt unfulfilling. I began to neglect it but started to buy more pens and washi and post-it notes. Then my older sister got in on the game and introduced me to Bullet Journaling. She knows I’m not the creative type, and not matter how many Kikki K videos I watched on decorating, my planner would never look like that.  I craved functionality over beauty and that’s why Ryder Carroll’s system is the only one for me. 

I have kept a journal since I was about 12 years old. I was a pretty emotionally dramatic kid and a journal was the perfect way for me to vent, wail and rejoice and be able to turn the page and get some closure. I still get immense joy, and embarrassment, over seeing all my entries over the years. Getting older and looking back on my life, I realise my memory is pretty hazy. I’m always forgetting events that have past, and going through my 2015 review, I’m shocked at how much does not just spring to mind. That’s where my passion for memory keeping comes in. I want to be able to look back in 10 years time to my 2016 journal and laugh and cry and see all these beautiful memories in this precious book of mine. 

My name is Jess and this blog is how Bullet Journalling has come into my life and become the most perfect companion.